Record Your Daily Drives and Save Yourself the Hassle of Explaining Yourself During Accidents…

12/06/2024 | by Peter Jennings

SUMMARY: The new generation of car road cameras is here, and they are better, smarter and more useful than ever. No longer are they glorified props with grainy low quality footage, and no longer do they just film. This new road camera does so much more, and so much better.  You can now get Your CarCam Ultra 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do you hate it when it’s your word against that of the crazy driver who backed into you? When you don’t have the evidence to prove they’re the ones that did it, and that they should cover the insurance costs? Do you hate it that we’re in 2021 and car road cameras still take video at 144p and have to be manually started every time? Well your worries are at an end. The new generation of cameras is finally here!

You just had your car washed. Shiny and new. You parallel parked it beautifully, and went to do some errands. When you came back… whoever the bastard was that parked in front of you, rear-ended into your clean, shiny car, wrecking the entire front. There are no street cameras, no witnesses, only you cursing at whoever did this to your beloved car.

And that’s just one example of the many, many things that can happen to your car on the road, for which your insurance or some civil court, would have easily granted you reparations, if only you had evidence to prove who done it.

And that’s exactly where the car road camera comes in…


What Are We Talking About?

They call it the CarCam Ultra, and it is the most advanced car camera in the world. It is already making the roads across the world safer simply by the knowledge that they are installed, and that there will be evidence of misdeeds.

Made with cutting edge technology to provide the most performance and functionality for the most reasonable price possible. The CarCam Ultra blows all other cameras out of the water and the market with unparalleled quality and functionality.

But is this new generation of car camera really up to the hype? We tested it to find out.


What Makes It So Special?

We all know those standard car cameras. You get at most, maybe, 420p footage that they say is to “save storage space” which is just another excuse to sell us the recycled cameras from ten year old phones in a new box. It’s not 2005 anymore, SD cards can hold more than 4GB of data!

The CarCam Ultra is nothing like that. Its crisp 1080p HD footage is crystal clear and with an angle wide enough to catch absolutely everything. It also records sound, just in case that driver who backed into you says some things he later denies.

It also has a night vision sensor, so you can clearly film anything that happens at night, as well as a motion detection sensor, so that it can come to life and record the moment something, unskilled parker or otherwise, makes your car move at all.

Top these off with customization options for say whether you want to start the camera at the moment of ignition, or do you want a delayed activation.

Truly this next gen camera is the best we’ve ever tested:

1080p HD camera to catch everything with crystal clear detail.

Continuous loop recording – just in case you do run out of storage, it automatically records over the oldest footage for uninterrupted monitoring.

A wide 150 degree camera angle to catch everything.

Night vision sensor as well as well as motion sensor, so no matter where the car is, or where you are, you will have a full record of what did or didn’t happen.

Records high quality audio.

Smart customization options for everything from the motion sensor to starting timers and the quality of the video.

Supports large capacity microSD cards.

We honestly, weren’t even that surprised. The specs said it was simply better than any other car camera we’ve ever seen, and it was. We’re just surprised it took this long for a company to make one of these.


How Much do the CarCam Ultra Cost?

What we were even more surprised by was the price. The regular price of the CarCam Ultra is a mere 119.9€. More than fair on its own considering it’s the top quality available, and covers every base you’ll ever need covered. But the company knows people are sleeping on the importance of these until it’s too late, so they decided to make as big of a splash as they could, the global launch of the product coming with a massive 50% discount and free worldwide shipping! You can now get your CarCam Ultra for just 59€.

The next generation of car cameras truly looks impressive, but we honestly weren’t expecting the price to be this low. As the proverb says, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best is now. You never know when and what might happen to your car, and if and when it does, you’d be glad you got yourself one of these. Get the CarCam Ultra now while it’s still on sale!


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the CarCam Ultra:

“I had a court literally reject my footage of an accident I was 100% not at fault in due to low quality! Why do they even make these cameras in such low resolution if it’s going to be useless to me! I got one of these full HD ones now, for a fraction of the repair costs I had to bare. Never again I say.”

“I got them for the motion and night vision sensors to serve as security cameras for my home and also sometimes I get it with me while I drive. They work great! Caught those kids stealing things from my yard red handed!”

“Great quality, great price, don’t regret it for a moment. This really is one of those things you never need until something happens, and then this tiny little device is the difference between you getting thousands, or you paying thousands. Highly recommended.”


Conclusion: Should You Get the CarCam Ultra?

Yes. 100%. This camera is practically part of your car insurance. If you can’t prove what happened, happened, nobody cares. Every car should really come equipped with one of these, and the CarCam Ultra is the best in the market, and on a half off sale! Seriously what are you even waiting for? Get it before the sale ends or the stock runs out!


  • Easy to use
  • 1080p HD camera
  • Night vision and motion sensors
  • Records high quality audio
  • Smart customization options


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon


How Do I Get the CarCam Ultra?

Now that you know how important a car camera is, and you know the best one on the market is on sale, you must want to order one right away, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original CarCam Ultra from the official website here.
  2. Attach it to your car, set your desired options and rub the HD footage in the face of the next person that hits your precious car.

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